Vittini Ventures

Since  2006

Hi My Name Is David Vittini
Welcome & hopefully I can serve you

You see I was a server for well over 10 years... 
(you know a restaurant waiter)
I did Chilis 6yrs🌶️ TGI Fridays 5yrs
Disney 🏰 🐭  3yrs

That is well over 
tables / guests served

Now I help expand 
A Family Business Started
By My Brother Over At 

Central Florida 

Some people I admire that
I Personally met or have studied
 more than 180hrs: 

Jim Rohn

Alex Morton (in person)

Wadia & Eli Dafesh (in person)

Grant Cardone

Dani Johnson (in person)

Nick Sarnicola (in person)

Joe Schroder (in person)

Founder of the Funded Proposal
Legend, Magician, Businessman

Tom Challan (in person)



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